Communication on the Internet contributes to ” quickie “

According to the survey , four out of five women and three out of five men believe that communication through social networks – in particular , «Facebook» – helps them to know each other well enough to go straight to sex. Moreover , they also find a variety of online social networks are a great place to find yourself a pair or find a partner.

States that participated in the survey in 1200 men and women.

It also reported that 38% of women admitted that their intimate contact is inspired virtual acquaintance with a partner. Psychologists say that text messaging promotes more relaxed communication and creates the impression of closeness . In addition, the ” quickie ” promotes intimate correspondence.

The survey found a number of other interesting facts . Thus, 81% of surveyed women and 72 % of men admitted that they regularly monitor pages former partner or partner. And 75 % of respondents regularly stare at the pages of his former lovers or mistresses.

Programs for messaging and chat rooms are a favorite way to stay in touch . Men write messages to 39 % more than call , and the woman – 150 % more often. 70 % of women and 63% of men use «Google» and other search engines to find potential partners. Of all respondents , 65 % admitted that they had received an offer for a date through programs such as ICQ, Skype , etc. , and 49% have brought their relationship through social networks such as «Facebook».

Ways to communicate on the Internet

Currently, there are so many ways to communicate on the Internet , the main of which are e- mail, forums , a variety of conferences, chat rooms, online games, and much more.

The most universal means of communication is a computer – e- mail (E – mail ) , which is an analogue of the well- known system of communication through letters sent in envelopes , characterized in that the fact that the letter exists in the form of an electronic message that is sent from the computer to the mail addressee server, and then delivered to the recipient at his mailbox. The whole procedure of sending such a letter under good conditions, takes no more than 3-5 minutes. In this case, the address of the e-mail account is the following writing : имя@почтовый_сервер.код_страны (eg : ivanov @ mail). E-mail as a regular letter in an envelope can contain a variety of investments in the form of graphics (photographs , drawings, pictures , charts , tables) , audio (music , speech) and other types of files

Electronic communication has certain characteristics:
communication is interpersonal or group nature ;
communication is always mediated and distant (in the role of intermediaries playing computer and mail services ) ;
by way of interaction between virtual communication can be a monologue or dialogue ;
form of communication can be written and oral (if communication is via audio voice files attached to emails ) ;
style of speech can be as official business , and any other , until the conversation and the use of profanity .
Much depends on the level of the interlocutors , their relationships and goals that are pursued by them .
E-mail as compared to paper mail has some advantages, which are as follows:
- A paltry investment of time and money for the shipment ;
- A smaller amount of data required for the successful delivery ;
- The ability to send along with the letter sound materials ;
- The ability to send one message to multiple recipients ;
- The possibility of forwarding letters, etc.
But e – mail there are drawbacks such as:
- The need for a computer , access the Internet , e-mail account , as well as basic knowledge of software management computer;
- If a large number of attached files or large files is better to use regular mail .

Another way of communication on the Internet is free , that is organization of information exchange and communication between a large number of interlocutors, it is interesting that the topic of discussion , which is the reason for the concentration of these people in one place for making it to the public debate. Their main difference lies in the fact that the organization of Internet forums there are no strict limitations on contingent members – they can become any user registered in a particular forum , there is also the time frame the discussion topic – the process continues as long as the topic interesting for sobesednikov.1
There are various topics , contingent members and the objectives pursued forums: one is the Internet – analogues of the earlier meetings on any issues that require further discussion , others exist for the organization of human communication (typically having friendships outside the internet, that is, everyday life ) , for various reasons, are not able to gather in one place for live unmediated communication. Forums of the first type usually have a scientific or socio- political issues and pursue appropriate goals, which can be a solution of any problems associated with this topic . Such forums are inherent in some of the official and the official business , scientific or journalistic style of speech.
Forums of the second type are characterized , above all, the subject – can discuss the various spheres of everyday life, social events or work of creators in the arts (including music, art , poetry and prose , etc.) , as well as informal communication . Furthermore , depending on the contingent members without all constraints are first means . Communication is mainly in a conversational style of speech, but there is no rigid framework . The objectives may be considered participants receive a variety of knowledge , experience, communication , and getting some truth in the debate as to whether a particular phenomenon or individual preferences.
All Forums inherent unwritten rules : discussion on any topic, the author begins with a monologue in the form of an article ( review / reviews , opinions on any of the many items of interest ) , containing the essence of the problem and reasoned arguments of the author in favor of a different view. Further to the discussion of topics connected with the author of all the stakeholders . Thus, the method of interaction can be called is either dialogue or polylogue if the communication is among several parties that may contact the author or to each other. The objectives of the discussions on the forums can be worn informative preskreptivny , emotive or mixed. Duration discuss one topic can be a few hours , so up to several months or even years.1

Advantages of Internet forums before live communication :
- No need to make transfers to the place of the forum – just turn on the computer and type e-mail address ;
- An enormous savings in time , effort and money by participating in the forum;
- The opportunity to participate in several forums;
- The lack of physical contact with opponents excludes the use of physical force in controversial situations;
- The period of the forum has no strict time frame ;

Disadvantages of the Internet – forums are as follows:
- It is necessary to have a computer , access the Internet , e-mail account , register for the forum, as well as basic knowledge for using the software in PC;
- The frequent lack of a visual representation of the interlocutors due to their reluctance to put their photos on display .

A variety of forums that are different from them, the absence of any specific scientific or social issues are chat rooms . They are created specifically for group communication stimulation living mostly young people. Such communication takes place in the form of polylogue often strangers that aim – an institution dating
Like a living acquaintance , to achieve this goal , as a rule , there are several steps: Participants reading the various statements , are close to them or interesting person with whom , at first , share general information about themselves, either openly offering to meet him . What follows is a dialogue that exists for ” probing ” the interlocutor, and , ultimately , if the sides are interested in each other, they agree to meet at the ” mainland .” Moreover, all participants are in a chat are able to monitor their conversations or join them . A distinctive feature is its relative brevity (compared with forums ) any debate between the opponents . The advantages and disadvantages of video chatting same as the advantages and disadvantages of communication in the forums.

Several other means of communication on the Internet is the conference , its structure resembles a bulletin board , and the newspaper at the same time . No list of participants does not exist. Send and receive messages can be anyone whose computer is connected with any other computer that receives messages of the conference. All distributed messages are divided into groups by topic and in order to receive group messages , you must subscribe to this group , that is to include the name of the group in the list on his personal computer ( PC). Such a device allows the conference to receive all messages on topics of interest , no matter who wrote them , and send a message without having to worry about the addresses of the recipients – it will be read by those whom it may interest
The main conference participants – people who are important not only to interpersonal communication as an intellectual . Typically , professionals who are looking for here the answers to their professional issues . These people come and when a conversation in a network – most often in order to obtain useful information on the subject of interest to them . After the conference the easiest way to find like-minded people , to organize a fan club, or scientific communities , as well as the conference is indispensable for scientific discussions . With the help of the conference is to discuss the topic of interest in this company , which gather in one place for a personal interview would be worth big money and unpredictable amount of time and effort.

There is also a way to communicate on the Internet as ” Ai Yu Sik » (ICQ – “I Seek You” – ” I ‘ve been looking for ,” or simply ” ICQ “) – a program that allows you to chat with your friends in the “on-line ” – t . e in real time. It operates on the principle of electronic mail , but the principle of its operation more quickly. This method of communication is somewhat similar to throwing of notes. You can send messages to them , a variety of files , calling on the chat, send an invitation to run network applications , etc.

There are many other ways of virtual communication on the Internet – this network games (strategic and intellectual ) , and the virtual world ( as a community of people who build interactive virtual life) and clubs ( which are similar to a mixture of the conference , and chat ), etc.

5 myths about online communication

How do you get any social networks ?
Author: Eugene Kogan

I have 385 friends, but many of them I’ve ever seen. All the time I read something , but I have not opened the book. I wanted to strike up a relationship with a girl , but she found out about me is what I think he even forgot . Why are all around trying to convince me that social networks – is it good?
My friends all know about me, and I know all about them, and though we have not seen for a couple of months , our relationship has not stopped for a minute. Whenever I open any Facebook, how do I know that at that moment my girlfriend Varya walks in the country with my niece , my friend Ian sent Concert ZZ Top, and my friend Lech watching some regular part of the ” Resident Evil ” and she did not like it so much that he wrote about it, without waiting for the final. And my mom, who a year ago was afraid to come to the computer in the evenings now asks me on Skype : ” Why did you do today has not Learn ? Are you all right? ” Yes , Mom , I ‘m fine , I’m just writing to Learn every day.
According to the research Flinders University (Australia), if you have a close-knit company of loved ones , it can extend your life by 22%. And then there is the feeling that we have become friends over – due to the advent of social networks and generally simplify the communication. Let us see what has changed ( and changed if ) since as the Internet has become indispensable in the same household as a refrigerator and a washing machine .

5 myths about Internet communication


In LJ I friended 385 people . Now they – my Friend, that is – friends . So, unlimited number of friends ?
No With the advent of social networking concept of “friendship” has not changed. ” In psychology, the” friendship ” conventionally interpreted as a relationship between two individuals , which are built on equal positions without degrading each other – explains psychologist private Petersburg Ludmila Timofeev. – But we often call friends, such as close friends . With them, we have a lot of time together , much to know about each other , but to open up to the end of them can not . ” That is one – this fellow , who even tell you what myself afraid to admit it. A person with a normal mentality of these is surrounded by a maximum of five , and often one or two.
So what? ” Science does not capture how the advent of online reduced the live chat – says Associate Professor of Public Policy School of Economics Cyril Podyachev . – Of course, it decreased , but the social network here – a secondary factor , but the primary – to accelerate the pace of life . That he did live communication impossible, and people began to look for a way to replace him – and appeared online ”
“The Internet allows you to expand the circle of acquaintances – adds psychologist Timofeev – and improve the quality of communication – it becomes easier to find ” their ” . You drive into the search engine that you are interested in and find people with the same interests. But just as we do not cherish the chance earned money , we do not value the familiar and easily acquired . ” Why hold on to those people with whom you are ” befriended ” in two days? Do not like – you will find new ones.

Myth number 2 : We all spend more time on communication

In the morning , I check who commented on me at night , then go to work and read what had to write my Friend, for the day back to the picture of friends a few times, and in the evening, at home , I read the comments on the comments. I wish I had read the classics …
In no Cyrillic segment of LiveJournal. com more than 4 million users, but less than half are actively writing . ” Readers Learn much more than a writer , and this is due primarily to the fact that LJ relates to social media , where some people write and read – the other “, – said the head of LiveJournal Russia Svetlana Ivannikova . Besides writing good people everywhere and always in the minority.
Yes, people spend more time on social networks. “A year ago, according to Alexa. com, the average Facebook user spent on the site 20 minutes a day , now – 30 minutes – says Internet consultant Anton Mercury. – And, in principle , for a ” normal life ” on the Internet , you need to have two tabs open in the browser – mail and social network. In the latter has it all – friends, news, videos , photos. Excellent filter , friends you supply information has been selected from hundreds of sources . This is convenient , and there is no tangible preconditions for users went somewhere else. ”
But most often it is not communication , namely reading .
So what? Director of the Institute of the book Alexander Gavrilov argues that the book today, ” handing out their functions more flexible technologies – the Internet , movies, television and even the telephone .” According to polls , 35 % of Russians have read very rarely or never do ( 13 years ago the figure was 20%). “The Internet makes it easier and to receive and exchange information and means of communication , bringing us back to the era of doknizhnuyu – says Gavrilov . – And since spending time on social networks – is a kind way of communication, rather than reading , I seriously think that communication is beginning to replace the consumption of information . ”
However, we can not say that it is bad . The USSR was the most reading country in the world , not because there passion for literature, but simply had nothing more to do. Who read for love, and he continued to read, and who had nothing to do – that now hangs on the web.

Myth number 3: Our life has become transparently

Five years ago, something washed over me and I started to behave like a complete moron Nets . And , of course, honored unflattering comments . I then , of course, to think about it and forgot . And recently invited a girl on a date, so she had me ” googled ” and found those old records . And, in general , a meeting was not held.
yes Hide own entity on the web is almost impossible (unless of course you are a genius of secrecy ) . Conducted by Pew Research Center poll found that more than half of the respondents ” Google ” their new friends. And this percentage will grow , I’m sure Harry Lewis, a Harvard professor who wrote the book “Your life , liberty , and happiness after the digital explosion” . It should be understood that the social network – it’s not a private club , but rather a glass room in the middle of Red Square – everyone can see everything .
what? And to do this can not be . “You can not come to the office of” Yandex ” or Google and say,” Guys, here on the site have written that I goat, it can be removed from the SERPs ? “- Says Anton Mercury. – But as the demand for such a service there is, there are a number of tools that are being taken away in search of unnecessary information on the last page , is much more difficult to reach. The simplest example : on request ” Vasya Ivanov – fool” comes out first site ” “, which is a photograph of our Vasey is written – “fool .” Dumbest way to fix it : to create 10 sites where it says about the other Vasya , and to ensure that they were given first, and the original site – the last one. But in any case, you have to understand that everything that exists on the Internet in electronic form , if you do not stay there forever, then a very long time . ”

Myth number 4: NETWORK CAN BE A STAR

In social networks, I got an appreciative audience : my buddylist praise what I write. But the ” real” friends or scold my highly artistic works , or they are not interested at all .
Yes, but … the internet in general , everything happens faster than in real life – you can instantly become famous , you only put video on YouTube. “We musicians the opportunity to communicate directly with the target audience , bypassing the producer, manager and record label – said the leader of the rock group ” Center ” Basil noise. – But despite the abundance of Internet stars , few of them become stars in the real world. In the United States in the beginning of zero was very popular portal, where there a lot of music projects with hundreds of thousands of views . However , experience has shown that the number of views and downloads rarely converted into something real . The formation of this star does not pass without the support of the same producers, managers , record labels . Paradoxically, in spite of the development of music technology and social networking for novice musicians , there is almost the only way to maintain interest in himself after the first outbreak in the network – live concerts . ”

Myth number 5 : the network can make friends with celebrities

In my frendlentu there are several well-known musicians , artists, two bankers and one president of Russia . And one of the bankers friended me back. That’s how easily I got into high society !
No I asked to say something on this topic fairly well-known blogger – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ( oftop , comments in his blog) . The answer I was silent. ” We must understand that almost any star somehow uses the Net as another platform for their own PR – says psychologist Anton Varbuzov . – However, Internet access, a star knowingly take that access to their body easier. But it is unlikely that they will remember your name , even if a couple of times the answer to your comment . ” Useful links are built either through a ” clan ” ( classmates , members of the national diaspora ), or through recommendations , either on the principle of “you give me – I told you .” Well, or he become a star – then you definitely will notice and will take on the job.
So what? But at least the speed of access to the star of the case reduced. My musician friend recently wrote a letter to a rock star, and asked for permission to use a piece of his songs in his. And given permission after 40 minutes.

Want to know which of your friends are really friends ? Think of someone in his entourage , answer the questions of our test and then you’ll know who he is you.
February 25, 2011

Virtual dating can play a cruel joke with man

Too long a virtual communication with a potential partner on a dating site can lead to deep disappointment at internal contact. Moreover, overreliance on finding the “second half” of the Internet is fraught with loss of identity. This conclusion was made on Thursday , the roundtable participants at the press center ” Rosbalta .”
Recognizing that the Internet space , of course, made ​​a novelty in the traditional patterns of intersexual relations, the experts stressed that virtual communication is sometimes a cruel joke – blurs the line between reality and fantasy .
Gender stereotypes on the Internet are: women tend to show yourself as they want to see men – attractive , more subject to certain ideals , the sociologist , Professor, Department of General Sociology HSE, Elena Iarskaia -Smirnov .
” Men , in turn, is also willing to ” feed “themselves in a more favorable light , based on the feminine ideals , as they imagined them . Thus, there is some play with identity. Therefore, the point of view that the Internet, people are hiding behind the mask fully justified , “- said Iarskaia -Smirnov test .
Well-known sexologist , psychotherapist Eugene Kulgavchuk admitted that some of his patients , in contrast, recommends that start as many ” friends ” on social networks and dating sites. But he added that this applies to persons who are in the doldrums, experiencing rupture of relations with the former partner. He believes that in this case, the specialized sites may play a therapeutic role , to become a kind of means of raising self-esteem , the importance of the evidence .
However, in his opinion, the delay with the ” self ” is not. Once the self-assessment is sufficient , it is necessary to “transfer the amount in quality.” And, most importantly, have a good understanding of the purpose – for which a person begins to look for a partner. In practice Kulgavchuk there are many examples of successful construction of family relationships through online dating but frustration brought them his patients still more.
The experts agreed that the audience of Internet dating is quite large. It’s 16 to 18 million people. The average attendance of such sites in Russia is 15 minutes per day. The number of Internet users in Moscow is 65 %, and in St. Petersburg – 70 % of the population of these cities. And only by Russia of some 57 million people.
” Very soon in our country, the number of Internet users will reach the number of residents of adult age,” – said the director of the Center for Social Policy and Gender Studies Pavel Romanov . It is natural that with the further urbanization and democratization of our virtual dating life will only increase. This is due to technical progress , enabling them to search in a variety of stand-alone virtual life forms that can build a much wider choice .
However, he would not say that online dating is something completely new in gender relations . Suffice it to recall that even today in many traditional societies, parents introduce the bride and groom before the wedding . Although in this case the existence of each other, they knew from childhood. What is it but the prototype of virtual relationships ? A correspondence concluded with an unknown woman in the wild ? So in essence , said Romanov, the Internet is not anything new brought , except that there was a new platform for remote communication. But all should remember: Internet addiction – is, after all , a disease he concluded.

Getting on the Internet, avoid the following types of men

When you meet a guy in real life, it’s usually just a few minutes to decide whether to spend it on their efforts: this says it all – from the eyes and the expression of bearing and neatness of dress. Another thing – dating online. Your new friend can send mental messages, and at the meeting deeply disappoint you. And then it becomes a pity in vain time and vain hopes.Pancake cake How to distinguish a serious admirer of simple entertainment lovers? If you find a network one of the following – do not waste your precious time:

Type 1.Zhenatik.
In this type of welcome only one thing – his honesty with regard to marital status: he is married.12 little secrets for the needle. His goal – to find a temporary distraction, and often in their ads, and he writes. Well, this is also an option, as long as you are aware of the purpose of his behavior, and did not expect too much of this acquaintance. You can recognize it by the following features: it does not print in the ad your photo. Or the picture in the photo is blurred and so far from reality that it would not recognize my own mother. Another option – on the photo is displayed in full glory of his tanned body, but half of the face mask sunglasses.

Type 2. Mr. Smiley.
Rather than write you a full answer to your next letter, he sends you a smiley, free postcard, humorous picture, or worse, a letter to the collective address.How to get rid of ants in the apartment forever? Tips experienced hostesses. Rather, he has so many online friends that it can not allocate time for you. With such a gentleman you feel cheap, so do not waste it forces. In addition, it may be much younger than their years in the questionnaire: usually so fun teenagers.

Type 3. In Search of Excellence.
This type is very common: in their ads, he makes a lot of demands and wishes to his beloved. He should have everything – from the bust size 4 to a perfect manicure and long blond hair. The character does not matter – it is only important that it was similar to Claudia Schiffer or Pamela Anderson. Thus he writes Mr. Perfection is not a word about his excellent education, knowledge, education and high earnings – simply because there is nothing that he has not. But we are also looking for the perfect guy, so why do we need this freak?

Type 4. Nihilists.
Better he should not print any picture than that in which he embraces the girl, and certainly not with my sister. One of my friends, a veteran of Internet dating, a guy sent a picture in which was clearly visible outside the girl’s hand, hold on to it. If it is not a lack of respect for a woman – I really do not know what it is disrespectful. Very often we think that if the picture shows a man with a child or a pet, such as a cat, it shows that he loves children and animals and is ready for a serious relationship. Be on the lookout: possible cut-over of the photograph lies also the mother of the child (or the owner of a cat).

Type 5. Too busy.
He leads a full and busy life, he did not have enough time and space to complete this questionnaire. And all the questions he wrote later, or discuss at the meeting, do not send all of my hobbies, details in the letter. It seems that he is too lazy to make an effort to take a few minutes, or too poor, and saves precious time for him on the Internet. In the letters he used to reduce some of the words to abbreviations and initials signed. Just do not confuse this type of men with those short but original.

Type 6. Eternal sufferer.
Already in the questionnaire, he wrote that very lonely, abandoned his girlfriend (and not one), it is no use to anyone, it has failed to work, sob … sob … And if you give him your email address, you will find a waterfall complaints, heart-rending. Especially many complain about their ex-girls, and in the following terms: “This snake he borrowed me and threw!” “Like all women, she only cares about himself!” Imagine that after a while, this type will be talking about yourself? Run without regard to such acquaintance.

Moral: carefully read the questionnaire and writing between the lines. After all, the letter – a reflection of the real nature of your chosen one and his usual communication problems. Do not write off his obvious failings unaccustomed to writing syllable. A lot of good guys and they are not that hard to find on the internet.
According to the poll, conducted site, frivolous obyavschika can be distinguished and some other features:
• The announcement contains the minimum necessary information, and nothing more.
• On the same site set his profile and his picture constantly flashes here and there.
• It specifies its revenue $ 2-3 thousand per month in the absence of data on higher education.
• He gives you his phone number, but asked to call at certain hours (usually it shows that the man, alas, married).
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What does the communication via the internet?

Experience shows that people seek dating for several reasons, and these reasons have tried to formulate the creators of these sites as targets for: romantic, sexual, correspondence, serious, etc. Initially, you may attract the interest here, waiting for a new adventure or a specific goal to have a friend. Those who come to satisfy curiosity, quickly reach their destination and go.Potato pancakes with ham, cheese and herbs Dating site regulars are people who prefer to communicate in the virtual world to communicate in real-world, everyday. For them, not so important to find a partner, then to continue to see him, “real”, but rather the “hanging”, meeting new people through the Internet. And I must say that this goal they sell well, since this is where you can meet the person you may never have met in my life, not to mention internationally dating. In this sense, you get a unique opportunity to experience the new and interesting experience.

The advantage of online communication is as anonymity, is that you do not have to be yourself. Grow kiwi house.You can choose to assume any role, wear any mask, and the other person may never know who is behind this role mask. You can become a positive favorite hero or villain, playing a positive or negative qualities of his nature. And Zorro you come and go at any time, which identify yourself.

So you start to feel more relaxed and directly than in real life, where you are bound by certain social roles. news online Someone such game will be like, but it is unlikely she will like a person who wants to find a real place for dating. If you want to find a life partner, then you will have some time to correspond in old novels, only instead of a fashionable girl’s album you will have to answer to the questions, not always clear.

For example, I received a call on the phone and she said one word test. “I was naturally surprised, and I started it rasprashivat: which test, why and so on. Gradually (about ten minutes) revealed that it can not answer test questions, which she offered for registration. I can understand the confusion of this girl and I know the feeling of anxiety when you have to respond to the questionnaire: hair color, eye color, height, age, occupation, hobbies, and more. honest answer all of these questions, it turns out that you talk about yourself to strangers, which you can not see, and these strangers will decide whether or not to write to you, friends or not. And it is not known who will contact you and whether you liked this people. little easier if you choose a partner on their existing base profile (better do something, and something else: to keep his own profile and view already entered.) Here, you need to decide on your criteria, what is more important than eye and hair color, or age , marital status and more. order to properly determine the importance of these criteria, it is necessary to reflect on their own value system. Which hierarchy are your value criteria: financial viability partner, its attractiveness, career, age and so on. example, if hair color is not less important than career and marital status, in the right column, you can specify “any” (a dash or do not ask.) must be kept in mind that the more of these criteria you enter, the narrower your search, the fewer results you will get . Fewer criterion means more choice, more chances.

The column “Hobby” suggests your compatibility with your partner. So, if a girl likes disco, and a young man – fishing, then she may enjoy the company, and he was – a solitude. And this is a cause for conflict.

In addition to internal and external qualities that you expect to see in his new friend, and your problem with it compatibility, it will have to think about the psychological and physical health. Just as in real life, getting to know a person, you would not be very convenient to ask his help about the absence of AIDS, syphilis and other diseases. Although, some dating agencies provide this option and type in their questionnaires Count on diseases, including sexually transmitted. As in real life, you have to rely on the honesty of his partner. In addition, it is no secret that online dating is often treated people who have difficulty communicating in real life. For example, you may find that your new friend suffer from an insecurity and high levels of anxiety at best, and at worst – can be an alcoholic, a drug addict or a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. Over time, learning about it, you will face a choice: to leave him and cause him thus another injury or try to help deal with this problem.

I have my own experience of online dating. My partner was a former alcoholic and drug addict, who at the time of our conversation was suffering from severe depression. This did not prevent him from being a smart, charming and handsome man. I must say that our first meeting was a major stress for me, and for him. Prior to the meeting, we talked on the phone, I knew what his voice, but could not imagine what it looks like, but you can see the photo on the Internet. It seemed that at the meeting it will be clear that there is a person that I need or not. Indeed, it appears that we are completely different people: we have different values, life experiences, education, and so on. Even physically, he was shorter than me (as I have said, the fewer options you enter in the profile, the more choices, but the risk is greater). The problem we have overcome depression (no wonder he found a psychologist). And after several months of communication, we decided to leave, remained good friends. I really appreciate this experience as met a man so unlike my circle of acquaintances. I do not think it will be loudly that this meeting has changed my fate.

My experience and the experience of others has shown that if you are brave enough to meet your chosen one is real, the reality that you will see and feel in the face of a new partner can be very different from the virtual. This meeting was not for you to stress or even shock, try to learn more about the partner, communicating in cyberspace. If you can not connect a microphone or video camera, which provide much more information than text, then at some point try to communicate by telephone. As you know, the person perceives reality through the five senses of perception: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Text and human speech are based on secondary and primary images created by these feelings. Therefore, the possibility of direct perception are severely limited partner on the Internet. He’s good, rather, for service or for play-acting in costumes and masks that hide the true face. Perhaps that is why some people who have certain problems in communication, in areas related to emotional contact, the Internet as a drug, because in it, and, in particular, on dating sites such people find a lot of useful information and painlessly for themselves expand the circle their communication. For many, the Internet has become a kind of ecological niche.

Psychological advice on how to meet the internet

In fact, it is easy to find yourself in my account several social networks and publish favorable information about yourself, true or fictional. So, go to the arena “avatars” that do not have even the minimum feedback, accessible to man in person. No feedback! In its absence, and the lack of information from the senses, which allows to solve the “us and them” mental machine produces a fantasy image, a phantom, which is in fact identical to the one who sees, feels and experiences.

In fact, there are people who earnestly believe that the Internet can help to going in earnest, to find a mate. Psychologist Mark E. interesting board games Sandomirsky says that has experience in advising victims of these Internet communication. We are talking about real people who want to virtual reality to find a mate. It turns out that the experience of the therapist, online love stops and destroyed no less painful than the real one.

Remember the plot of the movie Avatar, how great was the disappointment of the protagonist, learns the stranger in your favorite body! Sometimes – Online dating ends so painful that a person has to apply to the real therapist for help. Why? Internet dating is developing in the correspondence, which allows you to get stronger emotions than give real meetings. Need for Speed play online. And, due to the fact that the human imagination paints a perfect image is much easier than the same fantasy that works on the basis of physical reality, and not herself, feelings may be stronger. The same feedback is absent, and so – can not complete relationship, so online feelings may get stuck due to the fact that a person technically – unable to express them.

People who are looking for real love in the Internet, tend to be more vulnerable, are more complex and harder to go on dating in real life. Mark Sandomirsky believes that the Internet is more suitable to search for like-minded people. If a person makes a serious bid at trying to find love in the Internet – that frustration can be very strong. Fashion week in london. Therefore, when online dating should be prepared not only to what is necessary to meet with a rogue, with a maniac, swindler or other negative avatar. Internet makes it easier to cheat, use the intended partner. Feelings born on the “other side” of wire – psychic reality. An experienced person can wait until such feelings arise, for example, ask for a little money. Or a lot, depending on the depth creates a sense of network partners.

Created just for dating students, facebook had grown quite different, social functions, was the prototype of a certain social capital. In urbanized countries seriously easy networking gradually leads to what is happening autizatsiya users, particularly those who are prone to this process. What is autizatsiya? This gradual decrease in the real contact person in the society and their replacement by virtual contact. Psychology accompanying urbanization leads to a tragic end most urbanized find a pair online, to meet – this is a rare chance, and let you get lucky!

Recommendations for Psychology Internet Dating

1. Remember that contact with you – not a real person, but an avatar. That is, a certain view of the psyche on the available means of expression in the form of profiles, photos, texts and videos. Be forgiving as avatar – not real. Need baby bed? But the Internet, allowing you to wear a mask, and also allows you to shoot them down. As the person represented in the network will help to Yandex and Google, with a little research you will get a lot of interesting information.

2. Hardest trick camcorder. If you have serious intentions, prefer video presentations. Due to the complete massacre of anonymity, and similar events are found on dating sites are rare.

3. Entering into a long correspondence, you risk being sucked into or trapped tightened their own projections, that is, to communicate with each other, and not with others. Think about the people you are communicating: the fantasies you can switch seamlessly to communicate with itself Football World champion.

4. Be sure that the talented writer of letters, the less he is competent in worldly matters. There are exceptions, of – units. If the other party is committed to you and write poems, sparks feelings, maybe he wants recognition. Not the fact that he wants to continue dating in real life.

5. Internet communications are cheap enough. The large number of contacts do not need financial support. Cinema festival in Hollywood For relationships in reality one must be entered into the society, to have earnings. Chances are that you will meet a beggar. On the other hand, the inequality of this written many stories with a happy ending.

6. Wound Online Account may indicate polygamy and polyandry, that is, the other person can have multiple “relationship” protected illusory anonymity. But the Internet is impossible to escape.

7. Narcissism flourishes on the Internet! Mythical hero narcissist often found on dating sites. Psychologically, the mental organization of such a person is suffering particularly badly, as in most of narcissus, and in addition, koomu like it. Narcissus has developed a presentation and show flawlessly. Narcissistic complex near demonstrative hysterical character. Presentation of narcissus on a dating site can be admired. She is beautiful, but the narcissus or tantrums maloperspektiven for a real relationship.

Internet dating: deception or fate?

That can be found via the web, I found out when still had no idea how to use the Internet. But, according to my friend, this was a way to see, almost a panacea for loneliness, lack of money and other problems that come with living a single woman with two young children. Indeed, as many rich, honest, intelligent men lives on the internet and wants to get to know a nice, interesting, intelligent woman like me! Riana new clip. We always want to believe in good. So I believe that the Internet – is the surest way to find someone new house.
I wanted to find a unique and loved for a lifetime. But at first I fell solely on “someone” and even started to give up on their search for similar fashion fateful meeting …

But gradually, through natural selection and optimization of the quality of communication circle of men, one of whom would be my favorite and the only thing was to narrow, until it reached a minimum value. What I now want to tell you …

What are they? new place for resting The inhabitants of the Internet, hunters and trappers, amateurs and professionals, whose sad and happy faces looking at us from the screen in the hope of …

However, everyone has their hopes …

Psychology based on virtual communication

Recently, it became quite fashionable to talk about all kinds of social networks, online dating chat rooms, instant messengers, and the dependence of people on them, as well as the impact of the latter on the human psyche. But at the same time is always a lot of questions about the particulars of the problem, the allocation of general and specific. I think it is appropriate to divide the disclosure of the main theme on the block, which will reflect some aspect. Naturally the question about nice world places with nice cooking arises about the fact, what exactly is the author sees the main problem. My answer is: the main problem is that the virtual communication under certain conditions, will turn for us sooner or later the social disease that the virus will spread and infect one by one.

The first thing you should pay attention, because this is the formation of psychological dependence on the Internet communication in general, and social media in particular. In psychology, a special dependence understand human behavior, which is expressed in the fact that she is an objective reality that is available, no longer fully meet the spiritual needs of the individual (the need for communication, self-esteem, in the implementation of the “I,” etc. ), which in turn causes him to seek some alternative reality where these needs can get satisfaction. It is important to understand, for the reason that not all virtual communication can be called addiction. In general, a large contribution to the definition of the criteria of psychological dependence, as well as to get rid of them, makes a special scientific discipline – addiktologiya. To speak of the psychological dependence on communication on the Internet, and any other virtual communication is inappropriate in cases where it is accompanied by human activities, have original tool.

Any communication always pursues a purpose: it can be both the establishment of social contacts, and the organization of an activity. Generally, in the psychology of communication are three main aspects: communicative (exchange of information), interactive (the organization of interaction) and perceptual (knowledge of other people.) And it just so happened that in the framework of the above three parties under certain conditions, communication itself becomes the goal. At first glance it may seem that it does not satisfy any requirements. But if you look at it from the point of view of the principle of determinism (causality any mental phenomena), it is clear that any activity at its core is a sense of urgency, need, or in any way. Here’s the pertinent to psychoanalytic “pleasure principle”, which states that any action taken by a person on their own, brings him pleasure. Of course, you can arbitrarily dispute this thesis, but I have often, in practice, convinced of its validity. It turns out that the communication itself, in some cases satisfying. The only question is, the satisfaction of what? When answering this question, we are very close to the main causes of Internet browser addiction.

Since we assume the thesis that the relationship – a sort of compensation for unmet own position in society and the search for an alternate reality, and we came to the conclusion that virtual communication is based on need, it is clear that the main reason lies in the fact that a certain part of the population has lost the ability to self-realization in the real society. This is also consistent with the concept of Adler, claiming that the basis of human activity is the desire for self-importance, the desire to be great. He was guided by the idea that the inferiority of one of the bodies necessarily lead to his compensation for the expense of others. And if the body is replaced by a kind of self-awareness component, the problem is presented in a different form. We come to the fact that the human desire to dissolve in cyberspace is nothing as compensation own insignificance, and in our own eyes and in the eyes of important people.

Thus, the second thing you should pay attention, because it is the presence of a particular person of some inferiority complex, which he tries to compensate by creating an avatar in the vast World Wide Web. Verify the correctness of this conclusion is easy, simply browse through pages of social network users. We can easily find a lot of screaming employees (a name chosen as business cards). What name did not come up! Here and all sorts of “macho” and “Superdevochki” and whatnot, which is capable of imagination. But experience shows that high-sounding pseudonyms usually hidden does not stand the person, who also often suffer from inferiority complexes of various piles. For such people, this kind of self-presentation is none other than the realization of unrealized sense of belonging, a sense of self-worth. But, and this is quite important, such a substitution of the real “I” some fictional way any good man does not work, by contrast, is a recipe for self-destruction of themselves as individuals, individuality. Why is this happening? Yes, for the simple reason that came up with a kind of alternative “I” willy-nilly become addicted to this fictional person, because it has to hide behind his true colors. And the longer a person persists in the substitution of his own “I”, the harder it becomes a kind of vicious circle. Sooner or later the man hiding behind Text, entering into all sorts of social contacts, run into someone who interested him, but that of another, is not interested in himself, and the image that the man, hiding behind the “super” – mask, so thoroughly cooked. And it is that people first come up with an image of live fake life, and then become dependent on it though. After all, anyone can easily seem much more difficult to be someone else.

Now there is a strong growth of Internet users, and if the adult generation is not particularly in a hurry in the virtual space, the youth, and especially young people, are showing in this direction overboost activity. Many young people do not take the book in hand and do not read literary works from the monitor, no, they are just establishing their virtual lives, to realize themselves in the vast endless virtual space. I guess, so now among professional psychologists actively being discussed, what psycho Technologies to treat Internet addiction. Apparently, the human mind can not keep up the rapid development of events, does not have time to work out the necessary psychological mechanisms that can find the optimal balance between maintaining their own individuality and following up with the times. Let us hope that we still can not be dissolved in the Internet space, develop a kind of protective reflex, save yourself and pass this experience to new generations.

Dating: the benefits of communication in the vast network

Social networking has become part of our lives. Communication – that’s what’s missing modern man. In the flow of cases, tasks and responsibilities, we do not have time to chat. Suffering is our personal life, from her friends are leaving, and start to feel that loneliness is inevitable and new restaurant.

Want to find new friends? Expect to meet the girl in the near future? Singles – that’s what will help you achieve these goals!

The advantages of online dating sites

1. You do not owe anything to anyone

The social network is able to cure shyness even the most shy and unsociable ford fiesta. While at home in comfortable surroundings, at any time, you can explore the profiles of candidates and try to communicate with them. In this case, you will not know, and this fact raises self-esteem. Even if the correspondence fails, you immediately forget about it, because your dignity did not suffer – the source did not know with whom he came in contact. It is a virtue of online dating sites allows them to collect a huge audience of very interesting people who are just shy to make acquaintance in the street.

2. You can take the initiative

Dating in real life, for the most part of the factory guys and girls think that’s unacceptable to take the initiative. On the Internet you can do whatever you want. Including write a letter to interest you man.

3. You can communicate with more people

The opportunity to correspond with several candidates saves time and immediately “weed out” those people that you just do not work out. new windows for your house. However, neither the time zone or distance do not matter. This is a great opportunity to meet interesting people, the existence of which you never knew existed. If before our grandparents basically meet and communicate with neighbors, classmates, colleagues, today the opportunity to expand the horizons and look for your own happiness, even on the other side of the globe.

4. You do not need any knowledge of cash and investments

Sign up and start chatting on a dating site is easy. You can do this at any time. For example, you can visit – check it takes a matter of seconds, and the opportunity to learn more than enough. See for yourself!

Online dating does not help meet your soul mate

Online dating can be beneficial, but it is not able to help you find one or possibly.

Most online dating sites contain the ability to pair potential, based on various parameters of interest to fetishes. nissan joke. However, the study of psychologists from five universities, “secret algorithms” dating sites do not work.

The most important parameters affecting the long-term love, pass by these algorithms. Articles about health and beauty. Studies show that the most important ability to cope with stress, style and features of live communication. It is this effect on the strength of relations. Others characteristics and preferences can not predict what will be built real communication.

The researchers also say that the online pictures did not comparable to the interchange of different chemical compounds, which occur when meeting and talking live. And that is why it is so frustrating after the first meetings with online dating. And many potentially successful relationship, therefore, and do not start. sports and health. At the same time, psychologists recognize that the benefits of online dating is because they help to meet people faster than real attempts dating. And this speed and frequency can lead to magical matches. Only this is statistics, not psychology.

Dating Online

Many do not believe that the Internet can make Serious dating. Human contact, even for 2 years on the Internet can all not give that view, which occurs about it in the first five minutes of conversation in person. Door and window in you house. Still, there are many tools for exploring the Internet – various chat rooms, forums, ICQ, IRS … But for those who have limited time on the Internet is not the best option. Most people are familiar with the Internet through a variety of dating services, matrimonial agencies, etc.
What attracts people to online dating?

You surf the web and thought, poker star. And maybe I should try? What if I can find it on the net? If you decide to start looking its second half through the Internet, then read the text. I hope that will help to use the world wide web better and more efficiently.

In any case, the virtual life will never replace a real, so use the Internet for other purposes, this ocean is huge and it is necessary to find a small quiet bay to spend time with benefits. One of these bays is a bay dating. That starts to look like the first reason dating desire to occupy yourself affair. It’s so great to get letters and write the answers. You start to sit in front of computers for hours waiting for the next message from Masha, or score at all lectures and write another answer virtual Andrew. It seems that time is not in vain, you’re busy. It’s just great! But what happened? After a couple of weeks, there is reluctance to answer letters. You start to wonder what it is and I deal with this idiot? It’s all a waste of time. It’s time to tie it. Stream of letters begins to thin out, man begins to get nervous. At first he thinks it’s all my fault poor communications and letters do not reach the addressee. He wrote several letters, but there is no answer, and then he realizes that it was dropped. You find that it is so easy to throw in the network – just up and stop responding. And because you can make it even easier: to change the box, and remove the old. As a result, we find yet another reason for lack of interest in the old familiar and replacing them with new ones. So before we rush variety Masha, Marina, Katie Sergei ‘, Alex, Paul. Circle of friends expanded remarkably. It grows even not linearly but exponentially. It becomes so fun, you do not even notice that you have one more reason for expanding the range of dating friends.

Now that a lot of friends, it seems that all problems should be solved. However, it still lacks something. There is a lack of live communication, real earthly senses. So why not arrange a real meeting with someone from virtual friends? Here comes another cause search of real meetings. But after a couple of unsuccessful meetings comes the understanding that just meeting brings no benefit that is necessary goal. That’s it and it starts to generate a reason for dating an incredible rate. Over the Internet are beginning to look for entertainment, to meet their own material needs, comfort, suckers, love. Supplier network is exactly what we have lacked in reality. It becomes a kind of magic wand that we for a little money presents local internet provider. The result – a chance to find your soul mate on the Internet becomes equal chance to find it in real life, you’re familiar with all the girls liked the man or on the street. The gain in time you will not even feel it.

What is a contingent of men registered on dating sites

Dating entered our lives recently, but quite durable. For various reasons, for many people is the most convenient and affordable way to meet and arrange their private lives.
Still, in such dating has its own specifics, and the people who come to these sites often have their own specific character traits, thinking and behavior. It is no coincidence that they are choosing a virtual way of meeting people, and not real.
Men who sign up for dating sites are mostly still indecisive and often cowardly. boys and girls. Many of them believe in themselves and therefore can not meet in reality.

By nature a man the hunter and the conqueror, so he should be able to take the initiative in getting acquainted with a woman caring for her and woo her. But for some reason more men do not prefer to live, and under the guise of a computer and a safe distance, as if afraid that she will bite them. clear water This situation is not quite natural, but quite familiar and are already commonplace.

Of course, there are quite busy men who have a serious business and they simply have no time, and no place to get acquainted. But the paradox and fantastic is that they are unlikely to find a wife on dating sites. Rather, they seek help in private or in a solid matchmaker dating agency, ensuring they preserve some privacy, individual approach and selection of the candidates and from a certain range, and contingent.

And those men who have at most online dating sites for the most part can not create a relationship with a woman, in reality, even less chance they have to establish relationships in the virtual, as it is much harder.
good news

Psychological portrait by online dating sites

The most popular dating service in runet conducted massive research, making a sociological portrait of its users, which currently has more than 9 million people, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

Along with the official investigation of a well-known psychologist and sex therapist Vladimir Shakhidjanyan conducted his own research, examining about 20 thousand questionnaires. The results showed that the escape from loneliness and want to meet first of all, young. The average age of the girls who posted their profiles is about 24 years. Accordingly, the average age of the young people of 26 years.

According to Vladimir Shakhidjanyan two years ago, he posted his profile on a dating site and have your real age – when he was 65 years old. And at that moment he was the oldest on the site. He is now 67 – and this is not the most respectable age. There are those who are of the order of 70-75 years. And their number is steadily growing. A few years ago the Internet was the lot of dating a younger audience. Now the share of people older than 30 is more than a quarter of all forms.

“About a third of users of online dating sites are so-called hronofagi – that is, eaters of another time, – says Vladimir Shakhidjanyan – usually a male. And the majority of married men. Serious intentions they have. After work, they return to their wives and the next day to continue his entertainment ”

But most of all the eminent psychologist, mental health was surprised about a quarter of users. “Some of the letters I am concerned – notes Shakhidjanyan. As a psychologist I was asking leading questions, after which many, though not immediately recognized that there are a psychiatrist. The time of autumn, the time of exacerbations of mental and letters from these people more and more. Earlier in the fall, some of these people commit suicide, but now they twist virtual novels.

A person without a special education short messages are not always able to find out with whom he corresponds – with a truly insane person, or just an odd person. The psychologist has to be very careful – the first meeting is to come only in crowded places.
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Next to the Internet! Or advice for those over 40 – even if you do not recognize …

Our children and grandchildren to “you” with a computer. For many older generations are – terra incognita. But even those who are more or less mastered the technique, not at once and do not always use the computer as a communication tool. And so enter the dating …

However, since you’re reading this – then decide. And, hopefully, a few recommendations of the “old-timer” will help you.

To begin, select a suitable dating. Sign up, it does not hurt.

You are careful and do not want to put my photo? Your case, however, the chances of several orders of magnitude lower. In fact, many visitors to the site and write in their profiles:

- The messages without photos will not be responsible.

Do not be lazy in detail and honestly fill out a questionnaire. Not that you expect from others?

Believe me sad examples: starting with a small lie, you do not notice it you are very entangled.

A serious relationship on this can not be built.

Another thing, if you are dating just a game, entertainment or a way to try to become the person you have never been … but really wanted to. No there is nothing you will not prohibit free.

Ergo: think, why did you come here and want to get. There is a clear goal – there is no road to it.

Determined? Then go ahead!

Do not sit modestly in the corner, waiting for the adoring fans, or fans. It is often futile. Shyness is just a hindrance. His modesty demonstrate when it is – to anyone.

Enter search criteria – and view profiles. Remember, if you opened someone else’s page, then your visit will be recorded on it. So even if you went in silence, in most cases you will pay a return visit, and possibly a message. Do not forget yourself and glances who you have visited. Beginners often do not know what the left page is an option – “Your application for such a place. Views today – so much, per month -, respectively.” Click on the figure – and the open casket.

Yes, listen to advice – try not to wink. There is playfulness – only a recognition of his weakness in the composition of messages. This, incidentally, is very important – the first post of a stranger, about whom you know only that he-she found it necessary to tell about themselves. Find a way to attract attention and cause a desire to communicate. Do you this in real life? Especially because this time to think enough.

In general, threw the network wider and wait for the catch. Do not get hung up on someone to start one, you can still catch it, if – when – you will find your soul mate. Have fun, demonstrate their best qualities, intelligence and sense of humor, have fun, do not take this process very seriously.

Do not hurry, do not be too trusting, if you decide to give your phone, it’s best – mobile. Of course, the site basically decent people, but like in real life, come across any. Luckily, here on the boors, or just poorly educated people can easily get rid of: discard the questionnaires in the Deleted Items folder, or in the black list. Can you still complain.

Feel how much more interesting it becomes your life? And how come!

Where else could you meet these people – from different cities and countries? And how many new things you will discover and learn – including in itself.

To those who live far away, communicating, if they both want. To those who are close – it’s time to talk on the phone and – if you want to – make appointments.

Worried? Wonderful. Nervous, clean feathers, gloss – you have a date! And you already know that such visits can assign as many as you want – if you are hunting. Here we modestly omit the curtain and do not give advice – is your personal life.

Do not forget to look after the meeting in the mirror – so you look younger by ten years!

And so you feel …

Even if your search is tightened – do not be sad. Friends like you get here – and even just because it’s worth continuing.

Soon you will find that the site has become part of your life. Do not worry habit, you can always remove your profile. But where else will you find such a communication? You, of course, have friends, but they for you, and you all about them has long been known.

And another thing: does anyone knows in advance what lies ahead?

So – go ahead, do not be too serious, fun, flirt, keep mnogoumnye dialogues, turn virtual novels, which fades into the reality – of our lives do not have enough holidays bright!
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10 pros in favor of the singles on the Internet.

Dating – ten pros in their favor in an era of information technology. Dating – as a means of communication.

Plus One – a huge selection. On Web sites, online dating is provided to you a huge selection of thousands of profiles that neskollko different from the situation in real life. What is your circle of friends – 10, 20? Or at your door lined up all of the cute and worthy contenders for your hand and heart? It is necessary to soberly face the facts – not so easy to find a mate, and a decent person for friendship, love and communication – difficult double. While technological progress has given us this opportunity – communication and dating on the internet, why not take advantage of selecting a worthy partner of the many, many?

Plus, second> – relative safety. Talk online to a real meeting gives you the opportunity to thoroughly examine the person, within reason, of course. You can get an idea about it, asking about the work environment, marital status, examine photographs, even talk on the phone. And all of it is quite possible to make anonymous, leaving no real name, no address, no phone. Now compare the situation when you meet someone at a party in the transport in the gym? How much do you know about him?

> Plus, the third – contingent. The likelihood that you will meet over the Internet with a plumber Vasya, is small enough, because in order to place your ad on a dating site you need to at least have a computer connection to the network, the ability to pay for it all. And besides, the presence of some intelligence in order to properly fill out a questionnaire. According to statistics, the average user of Internet dating sites has an age of 25-28 years, he has a steady income, plus the desire to find life partner, not a girlfriend for the night.

Plus, the fourth – easy dating. Agree to write a letter to a stranger (remaining anonymous), it is much easier than to approach someone on the street with a proposal to meet you. The possibilities of Internet to help you expand your circle of friends to those heights which you prefer. In addition, you can write not only men but also women. And if you do not have a girlfriend, with whom you could just go somewhere, you can easily find it is in the city.

Plus a fifth – for overly shy. Once the posting form and telling about himself, revealing itself, nothing else to do. The system will do everything for you. You will find you will want to meet you. And your task – choose the most suitable candidates. Will the role of a princess bride selects its own taste.

Plus, the sixth – to choose a goal met. Here the advantage of online dating is available. Whatever you were looking for on the internet – you’ll find it. Tired of men who want to find a close girlfriend (and not just for friendship) – simple. Try to do this in real life – will run into many problems. Want to find a lover – even easier! There so many suggestions! Just choose! A married and willing to support some – more than enough.

Plus, the seventh – to find someone of similar interests. If you love music – go to the Philharmonic. Many single men out there? And if you prefer painting – the way you are in the gallery. And this is not observed lounging gentlemen. It can be applied online. No need to go anywhere – they are all on the screen of your monitor, we can only choose. Just find someone sharing your views. Search, of course is necessary, but it is much faster than walking on exhibitions in hopes of finding a single.

Plus eight – no obyazatelstv.Dazhe if your Internet communication has gone far enough, you talked about everything, and perhaps engaged in virtual sex – all of this is easy to stop and finish. Make it into a “black list” and never, he will not trouble you. How much more difficult to do the same in real life!

Plus, the ninth – to make money. This section is not for everyone. This is for those who want to improve their financial situation due to their appearance. If you are beautiful, young, find a sponsor – not such a problem. The secret of success – high-quality photos that best reveal your strengths. All-esteem.

Plus, the tenth – it’s inexpensive. Did you go with a friend in a cafe? We sat there, ordering wine, beer and looking around? Friday evening, the two of you, and at the neighboring tables only drunken company? Rid yourself of that. The amount spent by you for an evening in a cafe, will be equivalent to the amount of money spent per month Internet connection. One evening, no one knows where, or a month of normal communication and prospects – choose.

Seduce a woman for 24 hours

You managed to drag a woman at least once a day in bed dating? Penthouse turned to a leading specialist in this field, whose authority is indisputable: it is – a woman and knows what he says …
How to seduce a woman within 24 hours?

One of the eternal questions: why do some men need only look at the woman, and she is ready to go to bed? What is there to act – bewitches look? Athletic? Tridtsatisantimetrovaya stick between his legs? I doubt it. Associate sex only with the size of your penis – then obviously get on the wrong track. But then what?

Penthouse has asked me to share knowledge about what the girl from losing her head. The result is a kind of a small handbook or if you want a tutorial, and if you can just follow his instructions, your fiancee probably will be in your bed. With luck, you can handle, and for 24 hours.

When you happen to be a woman in an intimate setting, it is important that you talk to her – so says Milton Diamond, author of «Sex Watching» («Notes on sex”).

And love, and sex – a form of communication. Talking in bed – your most powerful weapon. “I’m just losing my mind from some of the men, outwardly the most ordinary – says 28-year-old Harriet. – For me, sexuality is – is primarily a sexy voice and the ability to communicate. ”

Of course, the girls like flattering, smart and subtle conversations. But keep in mind that women have the uncanny ability to pick up when they start to cheat. They remember your lies for long. Listen to the advice of 28-year-old Jerry is very popular among my girlfriends: “If you want to get a girl into bed, do not start bragging that you’re leading international company, especially if you’re just trading clerk. It just feels false, and then you will never be able to climb up to her under the covers. ”

Flattery, as already mentioned, – a good tool, but here, too, has its own rules. Yes, every woman is nice when it is perceived as a charming goddess of love. But tell her what she is caring, gentle, understanding, admit it – the only person with whom you can talk for real, and her heart will melt much faster. Proceed with caution. If your girl’s large breasts, do not hold your attention on them. Pretend they are not attracted to you, and it will be pleasantly surprised that the man talking to her is really for the sake of talk.

So what do women want to hear from you? Studies show that women’s most important conversations confidential, forcing them feel smart and sexy. For you, this is too abstract? Okay, a few proven ways of operating almost flawlessly.

The method of “sympathy” (the appearance of lulling sense of total security is guaranteed.) “I’ve never understood women. Maybe you try to help me? “Pause for the answer, and continued:” Tell me what you seen the perfect man. ”

Method “Why is it so difficult to find a woman who wanted to be really serious relationship? I do not see any sense to just go to bed – so people will never know for real. ”

The method of “sympathy for the opposite.” “Whether you look today, what happened?” It is important to take your companion for a frank conversation about themselves, in which she filled with great confidence to you. But beware: some women may have misunderstood, and to counter-attack on the principle of “better look at yourself.”

Having won the trust of one woman, consider that you have gone through most of the way. “My ideal man loves women – says 28-year-old Rosalind. – But when he’s with me, I always feel that all his thoughts – just for me. I feel that he really is … to me that I – his joy. With him I quietly. No need to hide anything. He understands my mind, heart and flesh. ”

In the seduction of women a central role is played by three things: charisma, sex appeal and confidence. Charisma is not directly linked to external data. “Charismatic people often are not handsome, – says psychologist Ray Bull. – But they know how to adjust the nature and social behavior in their appearance and always considered the fact that with one glance they do not ocharueshsya. ” 26-year-old Wendy fully agree with him: “Sexiest man whom I knew – one who never gives up: not intrusive and aggressive, and stubborn, and incredibly charming. It is very difficult to refuse a man who so obviously wants you, and so it achieves. ”

Achieve sexual attraction is simple. It all comes down to two things: the ability to listen to and ownership of sign language. No woman can resist a man who really listens to her: do not do anything, just showing an interest. People who feel that their speeches are perceived with great attention, immediately give the listener all kinds of virtues. All that is required of you – keep your mouth shut.

Then sign language: Respond to what she says and copy her gestures. “Synchronization of gestures – an effective way to gain the interlocutor, – explains Sandra Sedzhibir, author of” Sexual Power “(” The power of sex “). – The same gestures indicate the same relation to the subject, from which it automatically finds the proximity of your views. ”

Add to all this confidential tone, and no woman will not fail. “It is important to pose – adds Sandra Sedzhibir. – The way you stand or sit, can tell a lot about you. For example, a man with drooping shoulders gives the impression of a person helpless, hapless. But the pose is confidential conversation: body straight, his head tilted slightly forward. ”
Do not hesitate: SHOW!

To impress, use whatever you have. If you know that women like your butt, wear tight jeans. Have a distinctive look – often look into the eyes of interlocutor. Practice in front of a mirror!

Call attention to parts of the body that rely on women’s affection: put, say, a fashionable belt – her eyes are sure to linger on the beautiful buckle, and then inevitably arises the idea of ​​what was inside, under the pants.

Polls show that 80 percent of women in a man pay attention primarily on the eyes hit her with his incredibly sexy look (pre-train, as already noted, the front of the mirror). Your eyes – at least initially – to expand the depth of her eyes! Studies from N. Reyholdom, author of «The Tell-Tale Eye» («The eloquent eyes”), showed that the majority of men with eyes as pretty women really expanding, which is not observed, for example, when meeting with another man. Learn how to broaden and narrow eyes, and your interlocutor will understand how shocked you (even if it’s not entirely true). It’s very simple. Look into the distance, and then again in her eyes – the pupils will automatically change their size and show your excitement.

Eye contact – a powerful force. Do not neglect it! Look, for example, says 26-year-old Diana: “I do not know if I ran away from his long eyelashes, or from the ever-squinting eyes, drove me to convulsions. The men who behave like supermen and immediately lay down on the sofa, I have always aroused antipathy. ”

Remember: come-on – a real treasure, do not hesitate to use it!

It may seem strange, but chic dinner at an expensive restaurant itself is not so essential for seduction.

“Home meal is more effective – says 27-year-old Nick. – The girls are always the impression that you know how to handle pots, even if in fact you do not know how. ” (Nick is usually ready to buy lunch and shifts it to your dish so that it looked at home.) “For most women, a man in a chef – a curiosity, and they are quite intrigued by this – he continues. – Well, of course, dinner at home – it means to be closer to the bed. ”

Another great way to drag the woman to where you want – the so-called fuck out of sympathy. Says Andy, in the recent past, a great expert on this technique: “Tell her that you have abandoned lover, you really hard and you can not spend the weekend alone – certainly not out.

The room should have two beds. We went to bed: she in her bed – wondering when the attack begins, but you do not pay any attention to it, and quietly snuffle. As soon as she realizes that nothing is planned, it would be a shame – it really is so weak attractive force? – And she tries anything. ”

As you know, a retreat at a rate of knots few easy suddenly replaced the decisive attack, only helps women overcome past you divide centimeters.

It is in your party and you want to have a physical approach. Just do not immediately jump on her like a beast!

Leave her room to maneuver. The main thing – not to frighten. Women can not stand to feel just sexual objects. No need to trot out the hammer, and do not drool. The best way to lull your chosen one – is to treat it gently and carefully. If you decide to kiss, do not try to move to remove her tonsils without an anesthetic.

Says 30-year-old Sarah: “One guy, whom I greatly wanted, I just became disgusted when the middle of a sentence suddenly jumped on me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I have it almost bit off! ”

Turning to caress, to exercise restraint! You did not earn extra points if you grab the chest for your girl, when she hands you a chocolate biscuit. Listen to the words of 22-year-old Nicky and concluded: “The worst type of men – those that are invited for a cup of coffee regard as an invitation to sleep. This man breathes scent of your perfume and lightly touches her lips to the skin. This man gently stroking your neck when you’re watching a movie. Once in the theater guy is only two o’clock was playing with my hair and caressed her neck. By the end of the session, I thought only of his bed. ”

And if you really want to go to take decisive action, follow the advice in 31-year old Patrick and try to massage. “Massage – one of the fastest ways of seduction – he explains. – Do not just paw the whole body, it is much better to start with light strokes arms and back, then she will trust you more. You do not have time to notice and how will prove to be in bed. ”

If your girl is too shy to accept a massage, ask her to tell fortunes in the arm. (Women baldeyut from men with mystical leanings: you will immediately impress the spiritual man, and therefore, sensible and capable not only of the fact that the print pack of condoms.) Psevdohiromantii advantage of this is that you get the opportunity to caress her hand (start with folds elbow – it will run immediately goosebumps). Then tell her something interesting: the type that, judging by the lines of a hand, she has finally met the man of her dreams. The ice melted quickly.

As for the massage, here are some contraindications. It should not, for example, kneading the skin, as the dough: erotic inspiration not increase, but the bruises are quite possible.

Looking for a rhythmic, gliding strokes most erogenous body parts: neck. Very light and caresses the back of the circular, tickling the movement of the thumb under the chin. What is more tender, more surely. Lay the track to the back – this is a very sensitive part of the body.

Head. Circular rubbing his hand on the nape of the neck vertebrae will pass through the excitation directly into the vagina.

Shoulders. Pinch the shoulder and a little massage to the top, then get down to the spine.

Spine. There is a point directly related to the centers of sexual response. Squeeze the thumb and forefinger with one or the other side of the vertebrae and run them down. Then massage the rest of the back. Do not press too hard, maximum – to the level of lung oykanya your client.

Feet. If she will allow a foot massage, consider that you have a goal. (Feet to most people – very sensitive and intimate zone.) Here is desired lubrication: Use some baby cream.
Rub his heels, and then his hands – do your feet.

Ankle. Here, at a height of several centimeters are the points at which, according to Chinese experts, is focused sexual energy that can turn your girlfriend into an insatiable tigress. Massage this point for about thirty seconds, and from just a spark will fall.

Hands. Glide your fingers on the palms of your lady, then squeeze her fingers and gently caress them. Take the palm of both hands, stroke: for many women it is very exciting.

During the massage, do not forget to repeat what she has wonderful, smooth, extremely soft skin. When your lady is enough to relax, put her legs and massage for the entire length of the thighs, avoiding, however, more commonly known erogenous zones. Now she was so excited that surprised, why do not you begin to master. Thus bringing it to the “white heat” can no longer anything to not care and give herself to finish the remaining work.

All these sudden stops, pressure, alternating with digressions, you put it before the need to decide to seize the initiative, because the only thing that does not make a woman – is uncertain. Play with her cat and mouse!

Of course, all of the above – this is just a script. Your concern is now to turn it into reality. If, however, your passion and do not rush around your neck, pulling off your clothes – it does not mean anything. Either you did something wrong, or your charm still was not enough.

Between us, the boys say, not everyone is able to move, shake for 24 hours of the girl clothes and laid in his bed. Usually these guys names like Gibson and Costner.
So, maybe you should change the profession?

Popular women’s profile

After much thought, you finally decided to fill out online dating. How to make your profile has attracted attention and aroused the desire to become better acquainted with you?

As you know, men love the eyes. Therefore, the choice of photos for online dating profiles should be approached responsibly. It is desirable to place multiple photos to make itself the most complete picture. An extremely important fact is how faithfully reflects a snapshot of your site’s appearance and most importantly, how honest you are ready to present himself to people. It must be remembered that the photograph should reflect not only your beauty, but also to show the richness of your inner world. The mystery and mystique, the ease and grace, open, sincere smile to fill the woman’s picture.

The men in real life there are many problems, and they dream to meet the life partner that will brighten up their loneliness. Therefore, women’s pictures, which emanates from sadness, not to attract male attention. I sincerely smile and let your eyes radiate the joy of your heart.

Honesty. If your goal is to acquaint you with serious intentions to meet a life partner, it is very important to honestly fill out a questionnaire. What a man feels who sees at the meeting that he had deliberately lied to? Of course, frustration and disappointment. Count on the continuation of the relationship that started with lies, is not necessary.

Truthfully write about yourself, how you imagine your future chosen one, appreciate what character traits in men, what – do not perceive. Succinctly, but accurately describe the requirements for the candidate to your hand and heart, and how do you imagine future relations. Do not be too demanding. Remember, we are far from perfect.

Common hobbies. General hobbies – is the key to the successful development of future relations. Men pay special attention to the questionnaire, the girls who have similar hobbies with him. This greatly simplifies the process of dating, creating favorable conditions for active development of relations.

Feel free to talk about important things. Women and girls often talk about their close environment, family, relatives. But it is precisely this information provides the most complete picture of the atmosphere in which grew up and raised his future fiancee and allows you to submit it to a future family, and the orders that prevail in it. Without hesitation writing about people dear to your heart.

Self-confidence. Be confident in their abilities! Write about yourself honestly and openly with the firm belief that your spouse will certainly meet you.

The advantages of online dating

The Internet has changed our lives and our habits. Lots of smart, honest and interesting, but single people prefer to communicate and learn through the Internet. What are the advantages of online dating to acquaintances in real life. Consider some of them.

The main advantage of online dating is the anonymity. Dating site offers a huge number of candidates and the selection of someone with whom you wish to communicate depends on you. No need to upload the first hours of dating all the information about yourself. With their personal data can introduce companion when you fully trust him.

Without a doubt, write a letter to a stranger is much easier than in real life to come, for example, to the stranger on the street with a proposal to become better acquainted with him. For girls and women of this way of dating in our society do not accept the male half of resorting to it is extremely rare. Internet dating is equally allowed to make an offer to the first acquaintance, as a man and a woman.

If communication gets started is not the desired direction or you found out that the source does not meet your requirements, the introduction at any moment, you can stop without any consequences for you. Therefore, security – one of the characteristic properties of Internet dating.

But if you struck up a good introduction, as a result of correspondence, both sides get an idea of ​​the inner world, their tastes, interests, habits and attitudes of their chosen future.

A distinctive feature of the Internet dating is openness, which allows you to find deeper conversation. Indeed, some innermost thoughts and reflections that in real life you may never have sounded, upon closer acquaintance virtual share with your companion.

Do you have a great opportunity to deliberate, not hurried intercourse, not being afraid to be trapped due to the hasty answer or ill-advised words.

Leading virtual correspondence, you will gain valuable communication skills. Feelings and emotions take the form of words. Believe me, this experience will play an invaluable service to further your acquaintance. A happy heart is able to compose songs of joy that you experience when dealing with loved ones.

Shrouded in mystery and mystery waiting to meet a nice man and loved you. With each minute of the meeting will be waiting to emerge, and all want attractive. True happiness will fill the soul, if an image that drew your imagination during video chat will coincide with the real. But if not, do not despair, because you purchased a new friend and a great companion. In life, sometimes the opposite is true. The first thing that draws in real life – a bright appearance, but closer acquaintance often shows that the inner world, the interests and views of human vending You do not care.

Remember, your spouse sometime to look forward to meeting you. Do not lose hope, and luck will smile to you!

How to wean her husband from the computer

Every year there are more men who are computer replaces a complete rest. For some reason, they are more prone to computer addiction than women. This man looks like a drug addict: for the sake of another “dose” as a favorite game or the internet – contact, he donates to many, especially the conversations with his second half.

The first symptoms of computer addiction often go unnoticed. I bought my husband a new exciting game, for several evenings of the computer, distracted only for sleep and food … But the game will be over, and everything will return to their seats. But then her husband bought a new discussion forums to communicate with partners in the game. And now it is nothing but a computer, not interested. On his own initiative dependence does not give up. Beloved need your help.

Talk to him openly. Do not try to shout, argue and put the second half of ultimatums to the principle of “choose – either me or him.” This will cause only irritation and reluctance to continue the conversation. You see – my husband does not pretend he was genuinely unaware of the extent of its own dependence and the reasons for the claim. Therefore, try to calmly explain to her beloved that you do not have enough of his attention, he begins to lose touch with reality and virtual reality replaces live communication. You must help him realize that you are concerned about his condition and that the computer – this is not the only form of entertainment.

Confirm the spoken word thing. Organize your spouse an interesting and varied leisure activities, to the desire to spend the evening in a laptop is gradually came to naught. Variants – weight. Visit the theater, tickets to a concert of his favorite rock bands, the long-awaited racing game. Even if you’re not a football fan, try to endure the two halves for the return of family happiness. Offer to cook with an elegant dinner, and then the resulting dishes taste a bottle of good wine and intimate conversation. If you can show your husband that lives outside the computer screen is much brighter and more interesting, the computer games and the Internet would lose all meaning for him.

Virtual love …

Along with the dependence on virtual communication, dating, and constant search for online friends, scientists say another, more complicated version of the network of the disease. This is a virtual love. The word “love” in spite of the frequency of use in conversation, has no precise and absolute definition. What is love? Madness? Self-set? Contrived relation to man? These are the questions you probably do not give anyone an exact answer. All of them are true and false simultaneously. But you know that the love of a kill, and die. Love of the most brazen use for their own selfish purposes, using it for the benefit of others. In general, even without a precise definition of “love” people knew about the manifestations of this feeling. After the emergence of the Internet and promote the programs created for virtual communication and online dating, people are faced with a new problem. Virtual love.

Until now, debate continues about whether there is or not. Is it possible that a person, not once does not communicate with representatives of the opposite (or not) of the floor-to-face, fell in love with him into oblivion? This question is as complex and multi-layered, multi-layered and complex as the concept of “love.” Some assert that there is no love on the web and can not be. Others are not fundamentally disagree with this point of view and give real examples of virtual love.

Try to understand. When communicating, as well as when reading the book, each person develops his image. Even if you have a real picture of the person or the image in the book you on a subconscious level, allot a visual image of some features. They are formed in the course of communication, even when we first met. The use of certain words (mat, obsolete words), sentences and verbal constructions in various ways affect the features, and hence the entire image created in the process of dating in general. Typically, this occurs during the love. Even if we take as an example is a virtual love, man, knowing his “half” years or decades, will still hold in the minds of their own way, not noticing the flaws and extolling the virtues to the skies. Thus, virtual communication, online dating and love, to some extent similar. Only, in fact, love is just a feeling, something permanent, something that controls the actions and decisions of the individual. Based on this, we get a result – virtual love, like being in love with celebrities, actors and actresses, musicians and singers available.

Virtual dating – a disease?

The emergence of phones and the World Wide Web has increased by several times the speed of communication between people. From now on, to hear the native heart and a pleasant voice, do not go looking for the person. To communicate and meet new people just type the number or fill a familiar five words with the keyboard. Simple and very comfortable, plus incredible savings precious time.

However, not all so simple and good as it might seem at first glance. Internet and phone number (to a lesser extent) people have given rise to all kinds of acute affections, more resembling the disease. Some people constantly “running” from page to page and can not stop themselves, while others are seriously “hooked” on social networking and virtual dating. Scientists have isolated a lot of peculiar diseases associated with network communication, but we will focus only on one. Exact scientific name for this phenomenon can be given, so it will be much easier and clearer to describe it.

So, having established one of the programs for virtual communication, first and foremost a man trying to discover the web of his real friends. The first joy turns into boredom. Friends – it is certainly fine, but with them you can talk about everything and at any other time. Here comes to man, that would be with someone to meet you. The conditions most suitable: the weather outside creepy, heaps of free time. Why not sit down for an hour or two about computers in search of suitable dating? Then a person begins to search for future friends using the World Wide Web. Year of birth, gender, interests – to find coeval with a similar mindset is not difficult. After exploring issues of communication and the exchange starts to blaze like structure made of dry wood. The man says funny incidents from the life, favorite movies, music, etc. In short, the first network to one is found, the first network was acquainted. Then the individual enters the network and with displeasure discovers that all my friends either busy or just not in touch. Inspired by past success, he again climbs in the search for the next speaker. And then by one. And more. And more. In a short time contact list just grows to gigantic size. Man is constantly talking to dozens of online friends from all over the country. However, staying with the search for new friends, he just could not. A person wants to have more friends, and it seems that each successive introduction will be better than the previous one. Meanwhile, the network life begins to take most of the time. Instead of the scheduled cleaning, homework, meetings with family members – the constant clatter of the keys and the occasional clicks …

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